Film, Television, Music Videos, Commercials, Theatre, Retail, Museums, Theme Parks, Exhibits and more.

From Special Effects to Metal Fabrication and Prop Building. NEXUS will always deliver. NEXUS has full metal fabrication with tool and die and welding capabilities. We have the necessary people to build any prop needed from miniatures to oversized replicas and anything in between. The only limit is your imagination.



In 2014 NEXUS Canada was asked to design and create torches for a commercial supporting the LGBTQ athletes for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. NEXUS was asked to create a specific color of fire for each torch. The combined colors would be that of the Olympic rings as well as the pride colors.

Carefully mixing chemicals and powders to obtain the desired effect, NEXUS delivered 6 torches burning the 6 vibrant colors.


In 2012 NEXUS Canada was asked to blow a house up for the Our Lady Peace Music Video “Heavyweight”. After analyzing the property and obtaining permits, we designed the explosion to be a 5 stage blast combining high explosive in order to achieve a long lasting, visually pleasing explosion complete with the front door being shot away in the blast.

It took the six person special effects team 4 days to prepare the house and 2 additional days to wire and rig with explosive mortars. Several high speed cameras were positioned on cranes to capture the spectacular explosion.


In 2009, a new CBC TV series called Republic of Doyle was being developed to shoot exclusively in St. Johns Newfoundland. The show would be gun heavy and NEXUS Canada was contacted by the Producers.

The show would have considerable gun requirements and every Episode commanded guns. Sometimes only a handful. Sometimes a very unique or customized gun was required. Sometimes 50 or 60 guns were needed for a single episode. To fulfill this requirement for six seasons and never see the same gun twice would press upon any respectable inventory. But, NEXUS Canada pulled it off. With our extensive inventory of prop, replica and blank fire guns each episode`s demand was met showcasing more than 521 guns in 6 seasons.



Released for March 2015, NEXUS Canada joined the Production of 88 – a fast paced thriller starring Christopher Lloyd, Katherine Isabelle and Michael Ironside. This film required a substantial amount of guns, gunfire and special effects.

Exciting shoot outs, Police car blow outs, and with just about everyone getting shot, this film needed some FX design. The Director wanted each bullet hit to be “big” with a unique splatter signature. Hundreds of bullet hits and thousands of rounds were common in many of the action scenes shot.


In 2013 Signal Theatre was producing a Theatre-Dance act named “A Soldiers Tale”. The act required gun support for the Tour. A Soldier’s Tale is a tour de force performance created by choreographer Michael Greyeyes that examines the aftermath of war on the soldiers who wage it and their families who survive its consequences with them.

The guns needed to be very realistic, yet balanced and light enough for the performers to handle .NEXUS used a combination of real guns and replicas in order to achieve the desired weight and balance for the Performers. NEXUS also toured with the Theatre ensuring the guns travelled and kept safe, ready to perform each night