Special Effects

NEXUS Canada has provided practical FX to hundreds of Productions. We employ all the standard gear that you would expect to find in a Special FX arsenal as well as a tone of custom gear and systems designed by NEXUS Canada for NEXUS Canada. We always keep a healthy inventory of consumables such as explosives, squibs, bullet hits and miss hits, spark hits and much more so that when scenes become bigger on the fly, we are prepared.

What ever your requirements, which ever the location, we can provide the most realistic FX both indoor and outdoor with the utmost safety. Our creative team will work with you from conception to fruition to ensure your vision is presented accurately on camera, safely, correctly, and within budget!

Our Practical Effects Services include:


Fire, colored fire and fireworks

Squibs, bullet hits, and Miss Hits (Ricochets)

Sparks and electrical short circuits

Mist, fog, smoke and steam

Rain, Snow, Ice and Wind

Cobwebs, slime and dust

Stage and Live event pyrotechnics

Breakaway Glass and so much more!