NEXUS Canada has been providing Firearms, replica guns, prop guns and stunt guns to the film and TV industry for many years. We have provided hundreds of Productions with thousands of “gun days” on feature films, TV series and Theatre productions.


NEXUS Canada inventories a variety of guns ranging from 1950 to current day. We have a large selection of blank fire guns, replicas, props and rubber stunt guns. We carry hunting rifles, shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sub Machine guns, Sniper rifles, Revolvers and Pistols. We have them in black, brown, green, camo, silver, chrome, polished aluminum and even white.

Blank Fire Guns – All of our blank fire guns are real guns modified to discharge blanks with full action (muzzle flash, shell ejection, report, etc)

Replicas – Our non firing replicas are highly detailed exact replicas with few limitations for film.

Props – Our non firing prop guns are quality metal or semi metal realistic guns that have few mechanical limits

Stunt Guns – Our stunt guns come in two flavors – hard rubber for being kicked, hitting the floor and other action stunts and soft rubber for striking a performer or fight scenes.



We carry stocks, fore grips, rail systems, pistol grips, lights, lasers, sights, scopes and so much more allowing our clients to easily transform any standard weapon into an on camera scene stealer. We also have a full machine shop and the capabilities to fabricate anything to further customize your gun.


Most of our gun handlers and Armourers are past or current Military, Police or Canadian firearms instructor with substantial experience on TV and films sets. Our firearms team is supported by a licensed gunsmith and a millwright.
Our handlers are here to help. Our job is to keep you safe and make you look good at the same time. Our team will take the time to walk through any unfamiliar steps with the guns. We will teach you how to hold it, draw it, load it and look good with it so you get the best performance possible.
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We rent all of our replica, prop and stunt guns to any production that can provide correct information demonstrating they are using them for film, TV or theatre. Please inquire for pricing and required documentation.
Blank fire guns that are rented for any film, TV show or Theatre are transported to the set by a licensed NEXUS armourer and will remain in the care and control and will leave at the end of the day with that Armourer. Blank fire guns are not rented to individuals that possess a PAL as per the regulations.