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Nexus Canada has provided its services to hundreds of productions since its creation in 2006.

We provide on set practical FX and custom builds for Feature Films, TV Series, Music Videos and Commercials. While our home base is the Toronto area, we have provided our services all over Canada including Ottawa, Sudbury, North Bay, Montreal, Nova Scotia, St. Johns, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. There isn’t anything we can`t do, so if you can think it, we can create it.

Our story...

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    We got our start in the indie world of film and TV, often working on small budget films and music videos. We learned the importance of being resourceful and creative to get the job done and get the results that our clients desired on smaller budgets.
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    Over time, we grew with our clients and moved into larger budget productions and began doing some commercial work. Our drive and quality of services was a reflection of our passion. Our resume grew and the demand for NEXUS grew as well.
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    Eventually we made a name for ourselves and before long we were providing our services to large scale films, TV series, Music Videos and Commercials. As a result of our hard work, we have developed both professional and personal relationships with the artists and clients that continually trust us to provide the best possible solutions for their projects.
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    But We never forgot our roots… and we give back to those smaller productions twice a year by donating consumables and helping out so that the very place where we all started, will continue to create new faces that become tomorrows industry leaders.

Did you know that Nexus Canada executed the largest pyrotechnical effect for a music video….ever?

We blew up a house! No, not a small house – but a 2 story, 1800 square foot house. It was captured by more than 16 cameras; some at 2000 fps and the blast was felt for several kilometers.





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Who are we?

Nexus Canada is owned and operated by James Sled. James founded nexus Canada in 2006 and has built the company to what it is today. The team that supports the shows are qualified technicians that are affiliated with numerous unions across Canada and come aboard as needed to provide the stellar service that has become synonymous with Nexus Canada.