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Special Effects

Nexus Canada is a full service special effects company providing on-set special effects solutions. We provide a broad range of practical FX to the film and television sector as well as the music video and commercial worlds. We have fully outfitted trailers and our services support the Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver markets as well as Northern Ontario and Eastern Canada.



Our services include Pyrotechnics, such as explosions, sparks, mortars, bullet hits, squibs (body hits), and fire FX that include campfires, bon fires, huge building fires, car fires and more. We also create every weather element from wind and rain to snow and fog. Don’t forget about the smaller FX like dust, cobwebs, leaky pipes, haze (general atmosphere), doors opening and closing, air movement, water management from a small puddle to raging flood and so much more. And remember, almost all of these can be created both outdoors and indoors.

Special builds and props are also a part of our service sector. We have built rigs to lift cars, flip cars, throw cars and drag cars. We have built hundreds of soft props from knives and machetes to foam sinks and breakaway tables. If you can think it up, chances are we`ve already done it and have the gear for it, or we can make it and bring it to life for your next project.



Nexus Canada has a wide range of rental equipment. We have industry standard equipment for top tier productions to reliable budget-friendly options. From smoke and haze machines to fans and confetti cannons, we have what you need for your filming, events and celebrations.

  • Fog machines / hazers
  • Fans and Wind Machines
  • Snow machines
  • Smokers

Corporate, Events and Celebrations

Are you having an event? Celebrating something? Want to make your Corporate party unique? We have lots of equipment for rent that will make your event, corporate gathering or party that much better. Need to make it snow inside? We`ve got that. Need a huge confetti cannon to fill a ballroom? We`ve got that too. Don’t want to do it yourself? No problem. We will send a technician to take the pressure off and make it all happen perfectly.

  • Cobweb guns
  • Confetti cannons
  • Snow machines
  • C02 jets